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Air/Fuel Ratio Meter

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Quick Overview

The Air/Fuel ratio meter can be used as a stand-alone unit that can be used on the road or racing track. Wide range oxygen sensor integrated with computer to display Air/Fuel readings on the graphs

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  • Air/Fuel Ratio Meter






C    A/F Ratio meter with EGT sensor

C    Reduce warranty claims

C    Save money

C    Extending engine life

C    Customer satisfaction

C    Hyper Power has a solution



The Concept


C    Wide range multi purpose Lambda sensor

C    Diesel & Petrol (Leaded and Unleaded), LPG

C    Display options - Volts, Lambda, A/F, EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature)

C    EGT display with max 1000° probe

C    Ideal for Turbo aspirated vehicles

C    Exhaust pipe connector

C    Flex mild steel pipe with stainless steel cover for all exhaust types

C    Stainless steel exhaust clamp

C    Durable compact carry case


Specifications and Dimensions


C    Carry case 450x150x250mm

C    A/F Ratio meter 150x50x100

C    Total gross weight ± 4kg





C    Unique designed by Hyper Power

C    First in RSA

C    Manufactured in RSA

C    International standard

C    (Display capabilities for all overseas markets)





C    One year guaranteed for manufacturing defaults. (Lambda excluded)

C    The A/F meter measures theoretical Air/Fuel ratio after combustion.  This will entitle workshops to get optimum fuel saving and customer satisfaction

C    EGT measures exhaust gas temperature for turbo aspirated diesel vehicles.  This will allow the workshops to prevent engine damages.  Warranty claims will dramatically decrease.

C    Informative instructions and tips on the back of the meter ensures user friendly operation





C    Saves MONEY and TIME

C    Only annual maintenance service needed

C    Low maintenance

C    Low capital layout 


Components Included:


C    Hand held LCD Display screen


C    Wide range Lambda sensor


C    Exhaust pipe extension


C    Portable carry case


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