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Car Dynamometer - 4x4

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This inertia type dynamometer is very popular, due to its affordability and reputability. 

This product has custom options.

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  • Car Dynamometer - 4x4


The 4x4 Dynamometer is very popular due to the versability ....The weight of the rollers is calculated to accurately simulate road conditions and therefore lends itself to an ideal tuning tool for performance related dyno tuning. Full load remapping can be done on the inertia dynamometer which has the advantage that it does a complete power and torque curve in less than 30 seconds. This reduces the dynamometer time dramatically and subsequently engine wear. Furthermore the engine does not overheat as easily as with the constant speed or loading dynamometers. A loading facility (eddy current brake) can be added to the standard inertia dynamometer which enables the user to either put a fixed load on the brake or to hold the vehicle at a certain rpm, as well as perform a controlled sweep test (ramp test), where the speed is gradually increased while the power and sensor readings are recorded. This is especially handy when a problem is encountered at a specific rpm or load condition. Where applicable, the loading facility can also be used to do engine mapping. A road simulation can also be done which accounts for: vehicle weight, acceleration, wind resistance and road inclination. Up to 64 sensors (temperature, pressure, etc) can be added to this system, which may help the serious tuner in assessing problems. An integrated Air/Fuel ratio meter records real-time values that can be displayed graphically with the performance figures. This can be done for Loading and Inertia tests The Air/Fuel ratio meter can be used as a stand-alone unit that can be used on the road or racing track. The knurled rollers ensure good traction and limits unnecessary heat buildup in the tyres.

Motor Vehicle Dimensions & Specifications

Roller / Drum (inertia dynamometer):

  • Roller diameter : 355 mm
  • Roller weight : ±1500 kg
  • Roller inertia : 32 kg m^2
  • Roller linear mass : ±1100 kg
  • Maximum wheel track : 2100mm
  • Maximum allowable speed : 280 km/h
  • Maximum power absorption : (4X2) 750 kW (1000Hp) and (4X4) 1500 kW depending on wheel spin
  • Maximum tractive effort : 9800 N depending on wheel spin
  • Rollers knurled


  • Height : (Inertia) 460 mm (Loading) 570 mm
  • Width : 1200 mm
  • Length : 2550 mm
  • Length : loading included : 3310 mm
  • Total weight : (Inertia) 1690 kg (Loading included) 2040 kg

Retarder Unit

  • Maximum allowable speed : 270 km/h
  • Maximum power absorption : (4X2) 500 kW
  • Maximum torque : (4X2) 1600 Nm
  • Maximum tractive effort : (4X2) 9000 N
  • Continuous absorption with cooling fan on retarder : ±30 % of maximum ratings.

Dynamometer Control Unit - Retarder Unit

  • Speed stability : ±1 km/h
  • Power requirement : 220 V 25A
  • Load stability : ±0,1 kW
  • Temperature sensor accuracy : 0,5 %
  • Pressure sensor accuracy : 0,5 %

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