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Who Needs a Dyno?

If you have a workshop that does anything in the line of:

  • General Service 
  • Tune-ups 
  • Engine Overhauling / Rebuilding 
  • Performance Testing (Fuel Consumption or Power Improvement) 
  • Create Customer Confidence And Gaining Workshop Credibility 
  • Creating Satisfied Customers 
  • Making Money


Whether you do a general service, a tune-up or even an engine overhaul, you somehow worked on at least one component that might have an influence on the engine performance. You therefore need to be sure that your workmanship is somehow qualified. It might sound silly to check your workmanship when your have replaced an air filter, but what if the vehicle was not on spec before you even touched it. How do you explain it to the customer ?

Having a dyno will salvage this problem because, not only can you prove to the customer that his car was actually under performing before you serviced it, but you can also prove to him that you have fixed the problem. Now that’s easy to explain to the customer, and since he cannot argue against the computer printout, he will pay his bill (with a smile). This whole event will surely create a satisfied customer, who now, at last, found a workshop that is able to certify that his vehicle is set according to its optimum specifications.

The dyno is not only of benefit to your customer, but also to you, the user. Imagine you rebuilt an engine, or part of it: what better way to make sure the customer does not blow the engine half way down the street, than to put it on the dyno and do a proper run in procedure, while all the critical aspects of the engine is monitored. This will ensure better workmanship and therefore less comebacks.

At the end of the month you will have a bunch of happy customers, who have gained a great deal of confidence in you AND ARE PREPARED TO PAY FOR YOUR GOOD SERVICE.

There will be no more taking risks driving the customer’s expensive vehicle on the road, trying to "feel" the performance. The dyno takes the road of the streets and puts it in your workshop where you can safely measure the performance under repeatable conditions, scientifically and accurately.