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HyperWIN Software Package- Excl PC

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HyperWIN Software accurately measures and stores torque, power, speed, pressure, temperature and more for any vehicle!

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  • HyperWIN Software Package- Excl PC
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  • HyperWIN Software Package- Excl PC



Apart from the hardware, the limitation of any dynamometer lies is the versatility and power of the software.

Below is a short list of the key abilities of the Hyperwin software.  Please do not assume that your requirement cannot be met if it is not listed below.  Rather feel free to contact our friendly team directly if you have any questions/uncertainties.

  • Minimum computer requirements: Dual Core, 2Gig Ram, Windows XP.
  • Active hint and online help always available.
  • Selectable units of measure for torque, power, speed, Pressure, Temperature, etc.
  • Automatically calculate engine power – convertible to wheel power, selectable for 6 different drive train options.
  • 64 customized sensor input channels with minimum and maximum settings for preventative action.
  • Software calibration.
  • Editable report layout for customer heading
  • Atmospheric SAE correction to sea level – if required, for diesel and petrol for normal aspirated, super charged and turbo.
  • Lambda sensor interface to give real time Air/Fuel readings on the graphs
  • Input for customer and vehicle details.
  • Speedometer calibration of six different pre-selectable speeds (Not applicable on Engine dyno)
  • Simple determination of gear ratio on dyno or with engine rpm pick-up (Not applicable on Engine dyno)
  • Note pad facility allows you to keep notes on each specific vehicle.
  • Determine start or end values for graphs using rpm or road speed on acceleration dyno (Not applicable on Engine dyno)
  • Manually or computer controlled step test or sweep (ramp) test on loading facility.
  • Computerized road speed simulation compensating for: vehicle weight, acceleration, wind resistance and road inclination (Not applicable on engine dyna)
  • Repeatability of acceleration (Inertia) test within 0.01% of engine torque – Repeatability is engine dependant.
  • Software calculates engine power and torque, no matter in which gear you are testing (Gearing not applicable on Engine dyno)
  • Automatic compensation for tyre and drive train losses, i.e. the same engine power in all gears (not applicable on Engine dyno)
  • All power, torque, exhaust gas readings and sensors values can be stored for later processing.
  • Compare up to 8 different graphs graphically or compile a report for numerical output values.
  • Compare different vehicles.
  • Zoom in/out on graphs.
  • Color printing of graphs.
  • Only one operator is needed to operate the dynamometer.
  • “Best” option allows Hyperwin to select the best performance test performed on a specific vehicle.
  • Many More ..


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